PostHeaderIcon Introduction To Easy Money Making Ideas

I started this blog thinking that it’s going to be a cinch – I mean, how difficult can it be to write about money making ideas that are easy to carry out, right? My first plan of action was to simply search the web, pick the best and easiest ideas, incorporate my own ideas, add in a little sugar and spice, and I’m done.

I did a search for “money making ideas” on Google. On the first page alone, practically every site listed boasts at least 100 ideas. The total number of ideas runs into the thousands.

“This is going to be easier than I expected,” I thought. “And I might just use some of those ideas to make some money on the side.”

I clicked on one of the sites. It was literally a list of ideas and not much else. While some of the ideas might work, they were too generic to be of much use to someone who wants to really wants to put it into practice.

I tried another site. This one is better and it does go into details as to how the idea suggested can be implemented. But again, the advice given is too generic, and by the date of the copyright (15 years ago), probably outdated.

I won’t bore you further about the rest of the sites. Rest assured that most of them are not that much better. In general, these sites are great if you are looking for ideas for what you want to do. Browse these sites, keep an open mind and you just might hit upon a winner.

On the better sites, you will find descriptions on how to go about implementing the idea suggested. It serves as a good reference, and can give you ideas of your own, but do take those suggestions with a large grain of salt. Remember that the webmaster himself might not have tried out those suggestions, and even if he did, the suggestions might already be outdated, or might not work in your locality, or …. there are can be literally thousands of reasons why the suggestions might not work.

What Type Of Ideas Is This Site About?

So, since there are already many sites catering to ideas, and not too many sites that go into the actual details as to how the ideas are to be implemented, I think that will be a good focus for this blog. In this blog, I have decided to concentrate on ideas with the following characteristics:

Easy To Make Money Ideas. Remember that there are no easy to make money ideas. There are some ideas that are easier, and some ideas that are harder.”Easy to make money ideas” are ideas that are easier to implement, requires less work, makes you more money and requires a minimum of skills.

And, if you are looking for ideas that requires no effort, no skills, and makes you tons of money, then this blog is not for you. Bookmark this blog and go look for it. When you have found it, come back and tell me about it.  :)

But if you didn’t find it, return anyway to find out how to make money the not so easy way.

Online. The main ways that the ideas can be implemented will be online.

Minimum Skills Required. A long time ago when I started on the net, I was of the opinion that anybody can make money, or start a business on the web. All you need is perseverance, hard work and a never-say-die attitude. Now, many months later, and a little wiser, I believe otherwise.

I believe, now, that some skills are required. I might need a whole new blog to elaborate on that – and I just might do that – but generally, for the ideas in this blog, if you can write grammatically correct English and are computer literate, you are nearly there.

Some Final Notes

Some resources in this blog are not free. But they don’t cost an arm and a leg either. But if you find that they are suitable for your purposes, I suggest that you give them a try. Remember, although you might be able to find the same resources if you take the time, your time is worth money too.

In fact, if you are serious about making money on the web, and I think you are since you read this far, I suggest setting aside a small amount every month for testing products or services which you think might be worth the money. I’m talking about $25 – $50 per month, or a bit more if you can afford it.

But if you can’t afford that sum of money ’cause you got no income and need to make money fast, then go out and get a job first. The Internet is a great place to make great sums of money, but it is not easy and you do not want to even try making money on the Internet with a handicap if you can help it.

PostHeaderIcon The Keyword Crash Course

If you are doing any sort of marketing on the Internet, whether it is niche marketing or you simply want more traffic to your site, the Keyword Crash Course will prove very useful to you. Although its focus is on the needs of a niche marketer, it also offers very specific information about how to optimize your site for the search engines and how to top the rankings in Google.

This course is run by Mark Butler and Courtney Tuttle. They are full-time Internet marketers and Internet marketing educators. Together, through a series of videos, they take you step by step from the time you conceive of your site, to the time your site is launched and receiving visitors.

They start off with clear instructions on how to do the keyword research required to identify a niche with weak competition. They then go into some detail on how to setup your website and create content for your site. They talk at length about the keywords you have selected for your site and how to weave it into your content and your website to have the best chance of ranking well in Google.

They then tell you how to promote your site, especially addressing the issue of avoiding the Google sandbox. They will also introduce you to tools that will greatly cut down the time needed to get backlinks to your site.

If you are new to Internet marketing, these videos will show you a side of Internet marketing and search engine optimization that you might never have seen. This is the real thing, taught by practitioners of the art themselves. You won’t find any sugar and spice here, just clear concise instructions on how to get it done.

If you are an experienced Internet marketer, you probably will still learn a thing or two. For me, it puts into place the last piece of the puzzle, and reaffirms what I already know. And, of course, to learn of the exact way they do their keyword research, and their promotional techniques, that’s priceless.

The course is offered at $1 for the first month, thereafter it is $29 or $33 per month, depending on whether you opt for the regular or premium membership. You have access to all the videos when you sign up. Ongoingly, there will be additional videos. There is also a forum where you can interact with your fellow students, and Court and Mark will be there as well.

If you have any intention of setting up something on the net, I highly recommend that you click on the link below, spend $1 and watch the videos. You can decide whether to continue with the monthly subscription later. It will be the most worthwhile $1 you have ever spent.

The Keyword Crash Course

PostHeaderIcon Hubpages

Hubpages is a site where you can publish your article.  But it is much more that a simple article directory.  It has features of a money making program, an article directory, a social network, a blog and an affiliate program all rolled into one.

First, when you join Hubpages, you can join them through a referral link, in which the referral gets 10% of your Adsense traffic.  But you won’t lose out because the 10% comes from Hubpage’s share of the traffic.

When you publish your article, it is called a hub, you can include an Adsense ad, along with Amazon and ebay ads.  Hubpages make their profit by taking 40% of your Adsense impressions.  In other words, if your hub is viewed 100 times, your Adsense ad will be shown 60 times, with the rest going to Hubpages and a possible referral.

When  a member of the Hubpages community reads your hub, they can comment on it.  You can get instant feedback and interact with your readers at the same time.  And if they like your hub, they can become your fan.  This will mean that they will get an email every time you publish a hub.

Earnings from Hubpages will be slow at first.  But the Hubpages algorithm is set up so that it favors hubbers who publishes regularly, drives external traffic to their hubs  and participates actively in the community.  You will be rewarded by having your hubs shown more frequently and more prominently on the site.